Eindhoven University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven)

Directions, Transport and Travel To and From Eindhoven University
(Eindhoven, Netherlands)

Eindhoven University of Technology is ideally located in the heart of Eindhoven and is easily accessible by air or road travel. The city has its own international airport, ample parking facilities, and an excellent train and bus system.

Travel by Airl

Eindhoven has its own international airport that offers connecting flights to the other international airports in London, Manchester, Brussels, Amsterdam, Paris, Birmingham, Zurich, and Hamburg. From the city's centre, the Eindhoven International Airport is just a 10-minute ride away. Visitors coming in by plane from outside the Netherlands land in the Schiphol airport and can take a train to Eindhoven. Airlines such as LKM, Ryanair, and Air France have regular flights in and out of Eindhoven every few days.

Eindhoven Airport (EIN) Information - Useful information about Eindhoven (EIN) Airport

Car Hire and Road Travel

Eindhoven's efficient public transport system makes travelling around the city by car practical. The city council has imposed Safe and Sustainable mobility, a scheme that lowers the speed limit in Eindhoven's residential areas to at least 30 kph. It makes walking or biking in the city safe.

To reach the west or south of Eindhoven by car, visitors can take the A2 national highway from Amsterdam. The other alternate highways visitors can take are the A58, A67/E34, and A50.

Driving to the Eindhoven University of Technology is easy. Visitors only have to follow the Centrum and Universiteit road signs scattered along the major highways to avoid getting lost.

Visitors who want to rent vehicles in Eindhoven can get the services of Hertz, National, Europcar, and Budget, among other car rental companies that can be booked online through the central system available on this site. They have offices in the international airport where visitors can immediately arrange for a car.

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Car Parking

Parking inside campus is easy because there are numerous parking spaces conveniently located beside the university's different buildings. Parking outside campus is also possible through the multi-storey car parks located around Eindhoven. Visitors booked in hotels can also park in the hotel's available parking spaces.

Travel by Trains and Rail Travel

Eindhoven Central Station is the main train station in the city. It is connected to two railway stations and ties the city to the West Netherlands, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and The Hague. To reach the university from the train station, visitors should go down the platform, turn right, and exit on the bus station's north side. They would see the university buildings after a 30-metre walk.

Travel by Buses and Coach Travel

Visitors can take the city and regional buses that connect Eindhoven to nearby towns and villages at the Neckerspoel bus station. They can also take the Phileas, a mode of transportation that looks like a cross between a bus and a train. The Phileas passes through Eindhoven Central Station and Eindhoven Airport, which makes it a convenient transport for visitors.

Travel by Taxis

Visitors can get a taxi from the city's airports, bus stations, and trains stations. Taking a taxi is a good way to get around the city for the first time and to look for hotels and other types of temporary accommodation.

Eindhoven University

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