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Eindhoven offers various hotel accommodation for short stays and apartments or houses for longer stays. Housing facilities are available to students.

Hotels and Accommodation

Various inns and hotels with budget accommodation to luxury accommodation are scattered all over Eindhoven. Eindhoven hotels and inns usually offer single or twin rooms with a desk, telephone, TV, toilet, shower, and optional wireless Internet connection. Most luxury hotels have facilities like casinos, swimming pools, and clubs, while others can offer free parking space for the tenants.

Student Accommodation

The university has close tie-ups with two major student housing providers, the Vestide and Kamernet housing facilities. The accommodation offered by these housing providers are open to university undergraduate and graduate students. Interested students can expect accommodation in the Netherlands to be a studio apartment or a large house. Studio apartments are usually intended for single-occupancy with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. Other apartments can accommodate two or more occupants and can have multiple, single-person bedrooms with a living room and kitchen.

A typical Eindhoven student house is compact with a single bathroom and shower. Unlike in other student houses in other countries, the dining area is usually not separate from the living room and kitchen to save on living space. The kitchen is equipped with microwave ovens, four gas rings, and an optional oven. Laundry appliances like washing machines can be found either in the bathroom or kitchen but are hardly found in utility rooms. A student house garage is normally used as a storage area and not as actual parking space. To keep out the cold, student houses are insulated or double-glazed.

Those who want to share accommodation with a large number of people, houses for rent during the school year are also available. These houses can be bare, soft-furnished, or furnished. A bare house has no curtains, lights, carpets, or cooking appliances. A soft-furnished house can have curtains, carpets, and a few built-in appliances. A furnished house is complete with curtains, light fixtures, bedrooms, and appliances. Renting a furnished house costs more and comes with living rules and regulations from the owner.

Renting student houses can be coursed through the university if the houses are rented by affiliated providers. For unofficial residences, renting can be coursed through municipal housing agencies or private rentals. Inquiries and reservations should be done ahead of time because the waiting lists can take as long as three years.

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