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About Eindhoven, Guide and Top Tourist Attractions
(Eindhoven, Netherlands)

With an estimated population of 209,000, Eindhoven is the fifth largest city in the Netherlands. It is located in the Noord-Brabant province in southern Netherlands and provides 40% of research and development investments made for the whole region. Eindhoven is mostly composed of young students, which gives the city a vibrant air. Students and travellers can visit the city's bars on Market square, the Dommelstraat, and the Wilhelmina square. Visitors who come in the spring and summer can attend the Virus, Lighttown, Fiesta del Sol festivals.

What to do in Eindhoven

Sports lovers can go to Eindhoven's various sports facilities such as the Philips Stadium; National Swimming Stadium; and facilities for volleyball, indoor hockey, and soccer. Nature lovers can visit the nearby farms and parks. On a rainy day, visitors can the tour the city's numerous museums. For adventurous travellers, riding on a hot air balloon is a great way to get an aerial view of the city on sunny day.

Tourist Attractions

Some of the famous tourist attractions in Eindhoven are its parks, museums, and natural landscapes. Travellers can visit De Collse Water Mill, swimming paradise, Van Abbe museum, City Park and De Steenarend.

Eidenhoven houses several museums of contemporary and modern art and the Philips-sponsored Evolution science museum. Visitors can also watch ballet and opera shows at the Stadsschouwburg, and watch films and listen to lectures at the Plaza Futura.

Eindhoven University

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