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The Eindhoven University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven in Dutch), formerly known as the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven (THE), is located in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. In the 1950s, the Netherlands had only one other technological institution - the Delft University of Technology. To expand the educational opportunities in the country, the Technische Hogeschool Eindhoven was founded by the Dutch government in 1956. The university ranked #74 in the 2005 The Times Higher Education Supplement World University Ranking.

The aim of The Eindhoven University of Technology is to provide its students with quality engineering, science, and technology education by being a design-oriented and research-driven institute. It has impressive facilities that use the latest technology to help students learn and maintains close contacts with technological companies like DAF, ASML, and Philips.

The university stands by its motto, 'Mens agitat molem (The mind moves matter in English),' which is upheld by every professor who strives to build a stimulating work and study environment for the students. It continually exposes and trains all professors and educators in the latest technological trends and ideas. The university also strives hard in its research endeavors and inspires its students to pursue entrepreneurial tracks after their university education.

Presently, the university employs over 3,000 employees and 240 professors who educate and train over 7,200 undergraduates, 600 doctorate students, and 200 post doctorate students. The university supports 15 alumni associations and another 100 student associations. It publishes an estimated 3,000 scientific journals and gives out 40 patents and 140 PhD awards each year.

The Eindhoven University of Technology is composed of nine departments focused on the biological, industrial, and scientific aspects of technology. The nine departments are:
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Architecture, Building, and Planning
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Industrial Design
  • Chemical Engineering and Chemistry
  • Technology Management
  • Applied Physics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Mathematics and Computer Science

The university offers many facilities for its students. Various libraries with vast collections of books, journals, and archives; a student sports centre; student cultural organizations; and lecture halls are all available for the students' use. Pubs, museums, cinemas, cafés, and restaurants are located just outside the campus where students can wind down and relax.


The Eindhoven University of Technology boasts of a central library and six other departmental libraries. It has also constructed a digital or an online library that students and staff members can access through their networked computers anywhere in or outside the campus.

The university's numerous libraries are fully digital, making the locating of books among rows of shelves much easier for students. The libraries use the Vubis library cataloguing system, which other libraries around the world also use. This system gives students and professors access to over 600,000 books, 5,000 printed and electronic journals, 2,000 university dissertations, 1,500 microfiches, and numerous other research publications and makes research work fast and easy.

The Eindhoven University of Technology also has its own student sports centre, which is comprised of tennis courts and scaled-down golf courses where students can play during their free time. Its student organisations come up with yearly festivals, concerts, and theatrical productions. It has its own student café in the AOR where meetings, study groups, and friendly get-togethers are held.

Famous Students

The university has produced a batch of successful and innovative graduates who have received various patents and awards for their inventions and discoveries. Some of the notable Eindhoven University of Technology students are Philips CEO Gerard Kleisterlee and Turing Machines, Inc. president and scientist Kees Schouhamer Immink.

For questions regarding admission requirements, International applicants can course their queries through +31 40 247 4747. Interested graduate students may call +31 40 247 4747 or email studinfo@remove-this.tue.nl. For application, admission, and tuition concerns, contact the university at +31 40 247 8015 or email stu@remove-this.tue.nl.

Contact Eindhoven University of Technology (Technische Universiteit Eindhoven):
Address: Den Dolech 2, 5612 AZ Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Tel: +31 (0)40 247 4747
Fax: +31 (0)40 244 1692
Email: admissions@tue.nl
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